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Pesticide Sichuan again won the "Sichuan Province famous brand products"

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Rome was not built in a day. On June 21, 2012, according to Sichuan Province famous brand strategy of the leading group office "on the quasi selection of the tenth Sichuan famous brand list publicity notice" (No. 1, 2012) spirit of the document that: four products of Chuandong Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd. Sichuan canal light card "isoprothiolane, glyphosate, Triazophos chlorpyrifos, thiazide and Isoprocarb again won the brand-name products in Sichuan Province Award, which is the company of the four products since 2009 first won the title of the 9th Sichuan Province famous brand products for the second time in a row won the award. Success does not mean that mature. Accordingly, Chuandong pesticide strength and willpower will continue to brand culture is rooted in the enterprise, through continuous build fist products increase the Chuandong pesticide brand gold, continuing to brand building is an important development support point borrowing strength to realize the Chuandong pesticide in the booming of domestic and foreign trade performance.
Sichuan East pesticide people will continue to carry forward the "never satisfied, time will not wait for me, never climbed the peak in a pragmatic spirit, self pressurized, refine the task measures do measures to Duanpingkuai not dragging its feet, no sequelae, and under the guidance of leaders at all levels, to exert more to the mental state, more strong sense of responsibility and mission feeling, the accumulation of power, to create Chinese famous brand products and famous trademarks in China.


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